Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

Fifth Session

Mystery and Drama!!

Entering a canteena looking for worka nd a good time, our heros run across a haried heroine. Interfeering for seemly no reason but to cause trouble, Saraan and Jaleena are soon well in the way of a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armour. Their atempts at casual mischief are not appreciated and soon it becomes a stand-off – however, the gravity of the situation is somewhat undercut by Saraan and Jaleena’s continuing (if appropriately modified) capering.

Being the voice of reason, and brave hero to the core, Sorak steps forward to diffuse the situation and also provide some straight talking perspective.
Getting a little (flase) information from his target, the bounty hunter thinks better of tangling with the crew of the Black Duchess – perhapse satisfied with the intell or perhapse able to do basic math, we’ll never know…

As the crew sweep up their bewildered but relieved new friend, the parting words of the bounty hunter breifly play on their minds; what other factions may be near by, hunting for the woman known as Tylie Rahaukin daughter of the apparently infamous ‘Hawk’ Rahaukin in the hopes of hunting him down.

Picking up a few new jobs – some legal some not – the crew are eager to see the skills of their mysterious new friend, an actual pilot! But all is not well on the home front – aside from reserving judgement of Tylie’s piloting skills, Saraan is non-too-pleased with one of their new jobs. Running contraband into the Corellian system, home to his own world of Selonia, makes him uneasy – his escape was taboo and his return would be painful at best. Unaware of the cultural implications, the crew see no problem with the job, while Saraan frets and sulks.

Even as Saraan tries to explain his predicament to a bemused Kaisune, they find themselves facing an imminent blockade as they leave Brentaal. Some quick action has the Duchess in hyperspace quickly but safety is not to be so easily found. As soon as they breach back into regular space they detect a trio of ships making straight for them – hostile on conact, our heros finally get to see a glimpse of their new pilot’s skills as she nimbly evades their new persuers.

As they settle from the rushed jump to hyperspace, we must all wonder: Who were those hostile attackers, regular pirates or something more sinister? Who is blockading the Brentaal system and why? Most importantly; will the Black Duchess be safe when she hits the next waypoint, or will more foes be flying her way?

Find out in the next nail-bitting installment of Edge of the Republic!!

Fourth Session

With the mysterious datachip finally delivered and the ship patched up, the crew head off to sell the scrap of their many star-battles…

….of course it’s never that simple!

With little to do over the first week of hyperspace travel, Jalenna and Sorak investigate their plundered prize – the Aritfact – while the rest of the crew keep well clear. Whatever strange sense guided him to find it, does not give Sorak any clue as to its origins or nature but Jalenna spots markings that she has seen before… near Anchorhead on Tatooine!

They have little time to ponder this clue however, as they are pulled out of hyperspace and into a raging battlezone. As the crew vaccilate on what to do they find themselves spotted by two pirate vessels! Soon everyone is at battle stations as the newly repaired Black Duchess heads into danger.

To some surprise, it seems Jelenna has a friend in the Security services and improbably – on one of the vessels engaging the pirates! While she links up tactics with her old friend, Sorak and Saraan intimidate the command crews of the approaching pirates – made more impressive by the fact that the pirates had range on the Duchess with deadly Missiles. However it seems word of a new mercenary company, piloting a brand new YT-1300 with deadly grace and fury, had reached someone on those pirate vessels and their commanders decided that discretion was the better part of valour this time; changing course and running from Duchess and Security services alike.

With their cargo hold over two thirds full already, our heros were glad to avoid another space battle. Safely reaching the Jump Point half-way to their destination and also, conveniently a trading hub on the hyperspace intersection. Time for some retail therapy to sooth that cabin-fever….

Third Session


Breaking free of the secluded waiting area, our precosious protagonists (plus one – Sleepy Herglic Kaisune) proceed to poke about in the hopes of learning the true purpose of the facility. With Jaleena the Jawa able to hack the security cameras, they soon find their eyes feasting on a pay-off and probable point of origin for Sorak’s dark portents: A mysterious artifact.

Soon our heros are forced to fight for their lives as the facilities security droids attempt to do their duty – terminating intruders. In a battle that leaves Saraan and Kaisune in tatters, the crew of the Duchess prevail. Patching up immediate wounds, they push on to the vault and their prize!

Using nimble fingers and cunning, Saraan slips loose the locking mechanism then, paranoid of traps, suggests a search of security measures. Only finding an automated door locking mechanism – easily circumvented by Jaleena’s quick thinking – the team investigate the vault…

While the others contemplate the safety deposit boxes (except Kaisune – who contemplates how much trouble they’re causing _), Sorak cannot resist the call of the curoius Artifact – Triggering a countdown, but thanks to Jaleena, not the (designed) vault closure. Harried and hurt, our heros race for the exit, only to find it blocked!

…fortunately – blocked by an aquantence of Sorak and the Va’Dirast family. As it slowly dawns on some of the crew that this may indeed be an accounting facility, Sorak fast-talks his Falleen kin into playing dumb about the crews involvement.

Starting to suspect the potentially deadly enemy they could be making in stealing from the Magister, owner of Damask Holdings; the captain instructs the capable Jaleena to erase all evidence of their wrong-doings. In which she happily and creatively complies….

….By dropping the whole complex – INTO LAVA!

Rushing from the landing platform and the planet, our crew find themselves still in possession of the troublesome datacard. And now with a mysterious and ominous Artifact too. What new adventures await them? What mysteries surround the Artifact and the Black Duchess’ secretive captain; Sorak? Will they EVER deliver that dratted datacard?

Find out! In the next exciting installment of Edge of the Republic!

Second Session


Only one jump from their destination, our heros encounter silent attackers bent on their destruction. After another daring space battle, leaving one ship nothing but space scrap and the other limping away in battered disrepair, the Black Duchess finally makes the jump to the Mustafar system only to find more disappointment:

Star One, the ship they were supposed to rondezvous with, is nothing but floating ruin. The surviving crew, adrift in escape pods, tell the tale of how they were attacked and deliberately left to drift at about the same time that the Black Duchess was defending her own hide.

Suspecting treachery and wary of a trap, the refugees are closely watched by our heros. But before much can be made of these worries Sorak Va’Dirast, intrepid captain of the Duchess, feels a strong sensation of something terribly wrong coming from the planets surface. Leaving the crew perplexed and concerned at the source and urgency of this ‘feeling’ Sorak never-the-less orders an immediate investigation.

On the mostly molten surface of Mustafar our perplexed protagonist find a shady looking facility. Instructing the refugees to guard the ship (from the outside), the crew of the Duchess investigates. Meeting a driod custodian they use cunning and guile to convince the droid and it’s absentee master to give them access; posing as stranded cargo transporters they gain entry to a waiting room in what they are told is an ‘Accounting Facility’.

With such a shady locale and Sorak’s undiminished ‘Feeling’, no-one is conviced the place is what is claimed….

What is this dark facility?! Who is this Magister Damask who owns this place?! What is the source of the dark Feeling our young Captain is sensing and how is he able to Sense it at all?!

Will we find out the answers to these new Mysteries? Find out in the next exciting installment of Age of the Republic!

First Session

Last time on Edge of the Republic!

Our intrepid band of new heros (and scoundrels) had barely had time to meet and establish their identities before a foul crime interupted their burgeoning comraderie. The contact meant to hand over access to their new, fresh off the line star freighter, was murdered in the very same room.
While the others took stock of the victim and secured access to the invaluable ship, Thenok heroicly gave chase to the vilanous culprit – subduing the man with ease.

The new crew of the Black Duchess interrogated the murderer only to be presented with new questions – Who is the mysterious Havoc, the one suposedly behind the murder and theft of a secure and equally mysterious datachip? What information lies inside? And why is it so valuable that not only the theiving assasin but a whole ship would be sent after it?

After fighting off the strange ship, our heros contemplate their next move over the floating scrap and debris of their enemy. Will they get answers on delivering the chip to it’s rightful owner in the mustafar system, or will the journey only bring more questions and void bound corpses?!

Find out, in the next installment of Edge of the Republic!

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