Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

First Session

Last time on Edge of the Republic!

Our intrepid band of new heros (and scoundrels) had barely had time to meet and establish their identities before a foul crime interupted their burgeoning comraderie. The contact meant to hand over access to their new, fresh off the line star freighter, was murdered in the very same room.
While the others took stock of the victim and secured access to the invaluable ship, Thenok heroicly gave chase to the vilanous culprit – subduing the man with ease.

The new crew of the Black Duchess interrogated the murderer only to be presented with new questions – Who is the mysterious Havoc, the one suposedly behind the murder and theft of a secure and equally mysterious datachip? What information lies inside? And why is it so valuable that not only the theiving assasin but a whole ship would be sent after it?

After fighting off the strange ship, our heros contemplate their next move over the floating scrap and debris of their enemy. Will they get answers on delivering the chip to it’s rightful owner in the mustafar system, or will the journey only bring more questions and void bound corpses?!

Find out, in the next installment of Edge of the Republic!


lordzack lordzack

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