Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

Second Session


Only one jump from their destination, our heros encounter silent attackers bent on their destruction. After another daring space battle, leaving one ship nothing but space scrap and the other limping away in battered disrepair, the Black Duchess finally makes the jump to the Mustafar system only to find more disappointment:

Star One, the ship they were supposed to rondezvous with, is nothing but floating ruin. The surviving crew, adrift in escape pods, tell the tale of how they were attacked and deliberately left to drift at about the same time that the Black Duchess was defending her own hide.

Suspecting treachery and wary of a trap, the refugees are closely watched by our heros. But before much can be made of these worries Sorak Va’Dirast, intrepid captain of the Duchess, feels a strong sensation of something terribly wrong coming from the planets surface. Leaving the crew perplexed and concerned at the source and urgency of this ‘feeling’ Sorak never-the-less orders an immediate investigation.

On the mostly molten surface of Mustafar our perplexed protagonist find a shady looking facility. Instructing the refugees to guard the ship (from the outside), the crew of the Duchess investigates. Meeting a driod custodian they use cunning and guile to convince the droid and it’s absentee master to give them access; posing as stranded cargo transporters they gain entry to a waiting room in what they are told is an ‘Accounting Facility’.

With such a shady locale and Sorak’s undiminished ‘Feeling’, no-one is conviced the place is what is claimed….

What is this dark facility?! Who is this Magister Damask who owns this place?! What is the source of the dark Feeling our young Captain is sensing and how is he able to Sense it at all?!

Will we find out the answers to these new Mysteries? Find out in the next exciting installment of Age of the Republic!


lordzack lordzack

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