Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

Third Session


Breaking free of the secluded waiting area, our precosious protagonists (plus one – Sleepy Herglic Kaisune) proceed to poke about in the hopes of learning the true purpose of the facility. With Jaleena the Jawa able to hack the security cameras, they soon find their eyes feasting on a pay-off and probable point of origin for Sorak’s dark portents: A mysterious artifact.

Soon our heros are forced to fight for their lives as the facilities security droids attempt to do their duty – terminating intruders. In a battle that leaves Saraan and Kaisune in tatters, the crew of the Duchess prevail. Patching up immediate wounds, they push on to the vault and their prize!

Using nimble fingers and cunning, Saraan slips loose the locking mechanism then, paranoid of traps, suggests a search of security measures. Only finding an automated door locking mechanism – easily circumvented by Jaleena’s quick thinking – the team investigate the vault…

While the others contemplate the safety deposit boxes (except Kaisune – who contemplates how much trouble they’re causing _), Sorak cannot resist the call of the curoius Artifact – Triggering a countdown, but thanks to Jaleena, not the (designed) vault closure. Harried and hurt, our heros race for the exit, only to find it blocked!

…fortunately – blocked by an aquantence of Sorak and the Va’Dirast family. As it slowly dawns on some of the crew that this may indeed be an accounting facility, Sorak fast-talks his Falleen kin into playing dumb about the crews involvement.

Starting to suspect the potentially deadly enemy they could be making in stealing from the Magister, owner of Damask Holdings; the captain instructs the capable Jaleena to erase all evidence of their wrong-doings. In which she happily and creatively complies….

….By dropping the whole complex – INTO LAVA!

Rushing from the landing platform and the planet, our crew find themselves still in possession of the troublesome datacard. And now with a mysterious and ominous Artifact too. What new adventures await them? What mysteries surround the Artifact and the Black Duchess’ secretive captain; Sorak? Will they EVER deliver that dratted datacard?

Find out! In the next exciting installment of Edge of the Republic!


lordzack lordzack

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