It is the year 974 After Ruusan and the Second Galactic Republic is in decline. The galactic government is wracked with corruption and large segments of the Outer Rim Territories do not respect central authority. Some areas of the galaxy are wracked with war. In this chaotic situation many spacers struggle to make a living, often turning to illicit activities to make ends meet. Others push the boundaries of explored space back further and further seeking to make a living. There are many opportunities on the Edge of the Republic, for those daring enough to seek them out.

This campaign is set in a somewhat altered version of the Star Wars universe. It incorporates some material that is considered apocryphal even in the Legends universe. The galaxy is approaching the Clone Wars, but these are not the Clone Wars of the prequels, but rather ones based on the hints and references that slipped in before the prequels. The campaign is mostly set around the edges of the oncoming conflict, but it is possible the PCs will take part in actions that shape the galaxy.

Star Wars: Edge of the Republic