Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

Fifth Session

Mystery and Drama!!

Entering a canteena looking for worka nd a good time, our heros run across a haried heroine. Interfeering for seemly no reason but to cause trouble, Saraan and Jaleena are soon well in the way of a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armour. Their atempts at casual mischief are not appreciated and soon it becomes a stand-off – however, the gravity of the situation is somewhat undercut by Saraan and Jaleena’s continuing (if appropriately modified) capering.

Being the voice of reason, and brave hero to the core, Sorak steps forward to diffuse the situation and also provide some straight talking perspective.
Getting a little (flase) information from his target, the bounty hunter thinks better of tangling with the crew of the Black Duchess – perhapse satisfied with the intell or perhapse able to do basic math, we’ll never know…

As the crew sweep up their bewildered but relieved new friend, the parting words of the bounty hunter breifly play on their minds; what other factions may be near by, hunting for the woman known as Tylie Rahaukin daughter of the apparently infamous ‘Hawk’ Rahaukin in the hopes of hunting him down.

Picking up a few new jobs – some legal some not – the crew are eager to see the skills of their mysterious new friend, an actual pilot! But all is not well on the home front – aside from reserving judgement of Tylie’s piloting skills, Saraan is non-too-pleased with one of their new jobs. Running contraband into the Corellian system, home to his own world of Selonia, makes him uneasy – his escape was taboo and his return would be painful at best. Unaware of the cultural implications, the crew see no problem with the job, while Saraan frets and sulks.

Even as Saraan tries to explain his predicament to a bemused Kaisune, they find themselves facing an imminent blockade as they leave Brentaal. Some quick action has the Duchess in hyperspace quickly but safety is not to be so easily found. As soon as they breach back into regular space they detect a trio of ships making straight for them – hostile on conact, our heros finally get to see a glimpse of their new pilot’s skills as she nimbly evades their new persuers.

As they settle from the rushed jump to hyperspace, we must all wonder: Who were those hostile attackers, regular pirates or something more sinister? Who is blockading the Brentaal system and why? Most importantly; will the Black Duchess be safe when she hits the next waypoint, or will more foes be flying her way?

Find out in the next nail-bitting installment of Edge of the Republic!!


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