Star Wars: Edge of the Republic

Fourth Session

With the mysterious datachip finally delivered and the ship patched up, the crew head off to sell the scrap of their many star-battles…

….of course it’s never that simple!

With little to do over the first week of hyperspace travel, Jalenna and Sorak investigate their plundered prize – the Aritfact – while the rest of the crew keep well clear. Whatever strange sense guided him to find it, does not give Sorak any clue as to its origins or nature but Jalenna spots markings that she has seen before… near Anchorhead on Tatooine!

They have little time to ponder this clue however, as they are pulled out of hyperspace and into a raging battlezone. As the crew vaccilate on what to do they find themselves spotted by two pirate vessels! Soon everyone is at battle stations as the newly repaired Black Duchess heads into danger.

To some surprise, it seems Jelenna has a friend in the Security services and improbably – on one of the vessels engaging the pirates! While she links up tactics with her old friend, Sorak and Saraan intimidate the command crews of the approaching pirates – made more impressive by the fact that the pirates had range on the Duchess with deadly Missiles. However it seems word of a new mercenary company, piloting a brand new YT-1300 with deadly grace and fury, had reached someone on those pirate vessels and their commanders decided that discretion was the better part of valour this time; changing course and running from Duchess and Security services alike.

With their cargo hold over two thirds full already, our heros were glad to avoid another space battle. Safely reaching the Jump Point half-way to their destination and also, conveniently a trading hub on the hyperspace intersection. Time for some retail therapy to sooth that cabin-fever….


lordzack lordzack

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